Retired Cleric of Amaunator


Mithann established the shrine of Amaunator after settling in Bryn Shander. A retired adventuring cleric from Cormyr, Mithann still calls Amaunator by old names—the Morninglord and the Glory of the Dawn—that evoke a different image from that of the stern, rigid sun god who is worshipped farther south.
Mithann takes a great interest in adventurers who come to Bryn Shander, largely because of her past but also because she genuinely cares about the people of Ten Towns.


Mithann was a member of two different adventuring companies with Isteval, a paladin of Amaunator who has since retired in Daggerford. Two of their companions from the first company, the Knights of the Unicorn, have settled in Baldur’s Gate.


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