Hengar Aesnvaard

Warrior of the Elk Tribe


A seasoned warrior of the Tribe of the Elk, Hengar has a habit of seeing things differently from his fellows. He has never understood the aloofness between the Reghed tribes and the people of Ten Towns when there is so much each could offer the other. But on the few times he brooches the subject, he was harshly rebuked by his peers. Recently, with the sightings of the Ice Witch, King Jarund has given his blessing for Hengar to seek aid in fighting this witch and her apparent invulnerability.


As a young man, Hengar grew up hearing tales of Wulfgar Dragonsbane, the Elk king who slew the dragon Icingdeath, and, along with other famed Companions, saved Ten-Towns from the army of Akar Vessel at the Battle of Icewind Dale.

Hengar Aesnvaard

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